Do you want a J-O-B or adventure?

I choose adventure

More than just a job - this is an experience of a lifetime

You can work anywhere. That's a job. But given how much time you'll spend at work over a lifetime, wouldn't you like to do more, something exciting? Working at SecDev isn't just a career choice, it's a life choice: the chance to work on interesting projects, learn more about the world, and shape people's awareness of it. We're seeking highly motivated people who want to make a difference. In this fast paced and intense environment we work hard because we love it. We foster a casual work place with flexible work hours, smaller teams, and the opportunity to explore and develop new technologies and frameworks.

Student and Junior Professional Internship Programme

Student and Junior Professional Internship Programme

SecDev is always looking for talented individuals. Our paid internship program is more than a job. We seek exceptional individuals on a competitive basis to work as part of our analytical and cyber security teams. As an intern you can be a college or university student, or someone seeking a career change. Diplomas and certifications don’t matter, talent and ability to work in a challenging multidisciplinary environment do. Interns are expected to learn on the job. You will benefit from working side by side with experienced professionals in a fast-paced, technology-intensive environment, and on some of the toughest analytical and operational challenges. SecDev is multilingual, multicultural, and global. The work will be demanding but your reward is working on issues plucked from global headlines. We treat our paid interns as professionals-in-training. Some will transition into full-time employment with SecDev, others will benefit from the experience of our high intensity, innovative environment in their future careers. Many of our alumni have gone on to challenging careers in the public and...

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Are You Our Kind of Person?

SecDev is a unique working environment. Given the dynamism and intensity, we're seeking people with specific traits. Do you see yourself in the below descriptions?

For example, we have a field presence in 27 countries and 55% of our current staff speak two or more languages.

Workaholics Unite

Workaholics Unite

If you're a workaholic who wants to join a dedicated team of likeminded people, this is the vocation for you.

  • A Generalist 90%
  • Multitask Tackler 95%
  • Deadline Driven 90%
  • Task Oriented 90%
Curious About the World

Curious About the World

As we work internationally, we need people who are curious and know about the world around us.

  • World Traveller 50%
  • Voracious Reader 80%
  • Multilingual 40%
  • Natural Networker 40%
Bursting the Box

Bursting the Box

We don't just want out of the box thinkers, but people whose ideas burst the boxes of convention.

  • Creator 80%
  • Problem Solver 85%
  • Box Burster 90%
  • Critical Thinker 90%